Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about the things that matter.

The composition of the population in the local Veterans Affairs’ waiting room changed demographics following the United States involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last eighteen years. Young men and women are returning home, in their twenties and thirties, all with multi-factorial exposures and a wide array of symptoms. Service members do not deploy unhealthy, but they return with progressive illnesses and worsening symptoms.

As the conflicts in these countries continues, so does the increasingly, alarming rates of cancers, rare illnesses and idiopathic symptoms in our fellow veterans returning home.

As a team consisting of military veterans and medical professionals alike, we've been given a 'second chance', we made it home alive. We made it our mission, to give back to those who served before us, after us and side-by-side with us, conducting medical research and offering solutions to unsolved problems.

We have nothing to gain; but they have everything to lose.

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The term 'Research' is often misused. Anyone can conduct research, but tossing down numbers into a form doesn't make it useful. The HunterSeven team conducting research has decades of combined experience in evidence-based practice in addition to having the certifications, clinical practice experience, advanced academic degrees and licenses to conduct medical research. After all, Nursing is the most trusted profession in America -you can trust us.

We help where help is needed, plain and simple. Although toxic exposures in our fellow veterans are our primary focus, we never turn our back on a veteran in need. We assist in providing housing for veterans, coordinate top tier healthcare services for those in need and we assist military families during their time of need to mention a few. We have reviewed alternative treatments such as homeopathic sleep aids and cannabinoid oils; post-traumatic stress, polysubstance use and integration/transitional issues amongst others.

Over the past few years, the faces and names have changed, but the stories of remained the same. Veteran deploys once, twice, how ever many times, returns home with odd symptoms, over the next year spending days in the hospital seeking answers. Misdiagnosed, undiagnosed. Whether it be a stable illness or terminal cancer, we are fed up. Losing our friends, family, teammates from being unknowingly exposed while deployed to toxins. We are here for each other, "If not me, then who".



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