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HunterSeven LIVE Discussion at BRCC

HunterSeven Foundation with the assistance of the Protectors podcast, Dr. Jason Piccolo and Black Rifle Coffee will be holding a special Facebook & YouTube Live on July 21st at 7PM EST / 5PM UTC (Links below) LIVE from the Black Rifle Coffee Headquarters in Salt Lake City.

Please join us as we discuss burn pits and toxic exposure.  

We will open up the feed for questions & answers following the panel discussion. Have a question for the panel to discuss?  Tune in: Links to Watch (available now): Facebook Live Event: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=3117091751701031 YouTube Live: https://youtu.be/SoqFRFD839Y Panel: LCDR NIKKI SELBY, BSN-RN, CEN – NAVY VETERAN  CHELSEY POISSON, BSN-RN, FP-C, MSN/MPH-C - ARMY VETERAN SGTMAJ TYR SYMANK, USASFC, 18D - GREEN BERET, CONTRACTOR DR JASON PICCOLO, CPT/INF USA - ARMY VETERAN

Email your questions, submit your questions to social media platforms or wait until the live.

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