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"I came from the SOF community, over a decade in ODA and SMU teams, more deployments than I have fingers and more months collected down range than I have spent CONUS in my adult years. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, all of the nice places you'd want to visit during your Global War on Terror tour. I can safely say that during those missions and while serving on that team, I was eclectic and electric, moving and grooving, hot-headed and hard-wired. We should willingly engage with the enemy to draw fires only to react to contact when we had down time. We were top tier, hardcore bangers, class-act door kickers. I felt like a million bucks each time I hit my team room and pulled my gear from my cubby hole. Fast-forward a few years later... I'm the most worn down and tired I've ever been, I can sleep for hours (literally twelve hours) and still yawn and feel as If I slept for less than an hour. My reaction times increased, flighty-reactions, anxiety-provoking reactions. I could never fully shut down, never could ease my mind... I cut out supplements, caffeine and energy drinks, tried to keep a solid sleep schedule... but it never seemed to work... my body remained in a hyper-aroused state, more so than when I was overseas. My stress of being a 'civilian' was heavier than that of being an 'operator'..."

This complaint isn't uncommon.

Quality sleep is the origin, foundation and ground work to our everyday lives and long-term health . Without sleep, our progress physically and physiologically becomes compromised, we lack the energy to function properly throughout the day, our thought processes become altered and slower by nature, and our workouts begin to suffer. Certainly we all feel the after-effects of lack of sleep when awakening from a restless night, and more often than not we supplement synthetic energy with coffee or an a sugar-loaded drink to compensate. While caffeine has its own set of benefits, no imitated, artificial compound should be used to fill the void of sleep-acquired energy This further compounds the issues, leading to added health risks, and potentially causing chronic damage the body due to the prolonged disruption in the body’s circadian rhythm (our natural sleep cycle). For reasons like this, we need to address the source of the problem and not treat each subsequent symptom individually. So we at Bravo Actual teamed up with our favorite non-profit and brothers & sisters in the field, The HunterSeven Foundation to develop Rack-Out and finally bring an evidence-based, holistic approach to achieving optimal rest & recovery, natural growth and improved performance in four different ways.

We guarantee it will help you improve your sleep habits!

Any questions, send us an email info@hunterseven.org or info@bravoactual.com

Check it out here ---> RACK OUT



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