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VetCentric© Research Tool

Using evidence-based practice, paired with military knowledge to advise fellow veterans.

We recently paired up with the Stronghold Freedom Foundation, notorious for their fight supporting veterans who've deployed to Uzbekistan, specifically to "K2" and have been diagnosed with a subsequent illness.

After speaking with the SFF Founder, PJ and manager, Sarah, they said one thing is that they are bombarded and overwhelmed with individuals asking them "what should I tell my doctor, what medical tests should I ask for".

PJ and Sarah are up to their heads in work, from legislation work with H.R. 5957 (found here) to their work on the news front with reporter Tara Copp (read here), they simply cannot research and reach every veteran in time. We decided to partner up and after explaining the VetCentric© Healthcare tool to them, they asked if we had something similar but for the veteran themselves and we thought that was a brilliant idea on PJ's part, so we decided to "kill-two-birds-with-one-stone", we added the 12-question piece to our website, the survey will ask simple demographics, military history and medical symptoms and diagnoses. There are two options, the first option is, if you want to just submit data anonymously for research purposes or if you'd like a response and input on what information you should discuss with your doctor!

Check that out here: VetCENTRIC tool





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