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H7 Endless VA Claim

HunterSeven Foundation

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Iraq is absolutely beautiful this time of year as many of you know; after stumbling into a recruiters office senior year after you bombed the SAT's with a solid score of 700 because you stole your dads Natty Light and partied the night before... you enlisted into the GWOT era and found yourself sturring your two pairs of ACU's in barrels permethrin bug spray while choking down your anti-Malaria pills. 

While it was 138 degrees out on most days, you still managed to salvage that 12x12" Iraq-Grass plot outside of our CHU. You rode around on camels and ended up eating a goat you thought was chicken and you got to call-home on that circa 2007 TMobile "Soldiers Plan" cell phone while racking up the bill over a grand within the first month to call your wife whose being supported by the FRG... eh, FNG* 

H7F knows how toxic Iraq and Afghanistan was/is, its worth looking into - so, here we have "Endless Summer: Veterans Edition... In search of the perfect VA Claim approval" 😆🙌🏼☠️🇺🇸