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Limited H7F Donation Coin

HunterSeven Foundation

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Every now and again, those who go above and beyond to help the HunterSeven Foundation, we'll send them a coin, different businesses, people and so on.

Challenge coins have A LOT of meaning behind them in the military community, a way of awarding someone without going through the "garrison" feeling award itself, more behind the scenes and off the books, but also more rare and with more meaning (for some) then just another AAM or ARCOM to toss on the wall. A few donations will be accepted for coins

So, we try and change up the design, running certain designs only once. So like everything else, these are in fact limited 

This specific coin holds the H7F logo, baghdad background, palm trees, two J130's, and zero three surfing with an M4, with the grave marker of the original HUNTER7 at Arlington Natl. Cemetery (Section 60, Site 10381) and on the back the country of Iraq with the Iraqi flag, the notorious "Deuce four" punisher skull, used in the 2004-2005 deployment to Mosul, Iraq.